Vancouver International Film Festival 2012

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Vancouver International Film Festival 2012

2012.9.27 - 2012.10.12


The film “abbau” is screened at Dragons & Tigers program of Vancouver International Film Festival 2012.

Vancouver International Film Festival 2012
Dragons & Tigers
◎Alternative Anime: The Next Generation
Noodle Fish (Omokeo)
Directed By: Kim Jinman
(South Korea, 2012, 10 mins, HDCAM)

Island of Man (Hito no Shima)
Directed By: Alimo
(Japan, 2011, 7 mins, HDCAM)

Soldier School (Heitai Gakko)
Directed By: Ito Saya
(Japan, 2012, 14 mins, HDCAM)

A Way to the Hot Springs (Michiyuki Onsenhen)
Directed By: Taniguchi Ryo
(Japan, 2011, 4 mins, Digital Betacam)

Red Colored Bridge
Directed By: Tanaami Keiichi
(Japan, 2012, 7 mins, HDCAM)

Deep in Reflection (Gakagami)
Directed By: Seike Mika
(Japan, 2012, 6 mins, HDCAM)

Hide-and-Seek (Kakurenbo)
Directed By: Shiraishi Keiko
(Japan, 2012, 8 mins, HDCAM)

Directed By: Oska (Osuka Masahiro)
(Japan, 2012, 5 mins, HDCAM)

The Hunter and the Skeleton (Lieren yu kulou guai)
Directed By: Bin Bai
(China, 2011, 26 mins, Betacam SP)